Most Played Songs on Radio, 2003

Rank TitleArtist (Label)
 1. “When I'm Gone”3 Doors Down (Republic/Universal)
 2. “In Da Club”50 Cent (Interscope)
 3. “Bring Me to Life”Evanescence (Wind-Up)
 4. “Unwell”Matchbox Twenty (Atlantic)
 5. “Ignition”R. Kelly (Jive)
 6. “Get Busy”Sean Paul (Atlantic)
 7. “Crazy in Love”Beyoncé (Columbia)
 8. “Shake Ya Tailfeather”P. Diddy & Murphy Lee (Bad Boy/Universal)
 9. “Headstrong”Trapt (Warner Bros)
10. “I'm with You”Avril Lavigne (Arista)
Source: Nielsen Media Research. © 2004, Nielsen Media Research.

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