Murder at 1600

Director: Dwight Little
Writers: Wayne Beach and David Hodgin
Director of Photography:Steven Bernstein
Editor:Billy Weber
Music:Christopher Young
Production Designer:Nelson Coates
Producers:Arnold Kopelson and Arnon Milchan
Warner Bros.; R; 110 minutes
Cast:Wesley Snipes, Diane Lane, Alan Alda, Ronny Cox and Dennis Miller

Lately, White House disaster films are almost as prevalent as natural disaster films. What does that indicate about our feelings for government? As in Absolute Power, a young bombshell turns up dead at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The murder reeks of illicit sex and a cover-up conspiracy. The President's press secretary asks homicide detective Harlan Regis (Snipes) not to mention the words “woman” and “murder.” When a janitor is arrested for the murder, Regis senses a stonewall and convinces Secret Service agent Nina Chance (Lane) to dig deeper.