Mickey Blue Eyes

Director:Kelly Makin
Writers:Robert Kuhn and Adam Scheinman
Castle Rock Entertainment; PG-13; 102 minutes
Cast:Hugh Grant, James Caan, Jeanne Tripplehorn

Fans of Analyze This and the The Sopranos TV series will be sure to enjoy Mickey Blue Eyes, as many of the same actors inhabit similar roles. The film steals Analyze This' blueprint: the mafia encounter a Manhattanite professional and hilarious cultural clashes ensue. This time around, Hugh Grant plays unwitting auctioneer Michael Felgate, determined to marry mob daughter Gina Vitale (Jeanne Tripplehorn). Despite her efforts otherwise, Grant falls in with Gina's bad-boy relatives, attempts to pronounce things in a tough-guy accent, and misunderstandings escalate into frantic, forced humor.

James Caan's self-spoof as Gina's dad is lackluster, although a modest assembly of minor characters pull their weight and keep things from crashing. Mickey Blue Eyes provides lightweight cosa nostra comedy relying on Grant's earnest yet unflappable film persona.

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