Meet Wally Sparks

Director: Peter Baldwin
Writers: Rodney Dangerfield and Harry Basil
Director of Photography:Richard H. Kline
Editor:Paul Davalos
Music:Michel Colombier
Production Designer:Bryan Jones
Producers:Harry Basil and Elliot Rosenblatt
Trimark Pictures; R; 105 minutes
Cast:Rodney Dangerfield, Cindy Williams, Mark Taylor, Burt Reynolds, Debi Mazur, David Ogden Stiers and Lisa Thornhill

Seventy-five-year-old men generally acquire enough dignity to refrain from fart, penis and fat jokes, but Dangerfield is not like other 75 year olds. Unless you're a horny 15 year old, these quips get old fast. Lecherous Wally Sparks (Dangerfield), king of talk-show trash, has to clean up his act before the FCC and his network pull the plug on his program. In an attempt to save the show, his plucky producer (Mazur) gets Sparks an invite to a party at the governor's mansion. Through a series of unlikely events, Sparks becomes an overnight guest and uncovers a sex scandal. A satiric assault on sleazy talk shows, though Dangerfield is not the person to be pointing fingers for lewdness.

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