The Mask of Zorro

Director:Martin Campbell
Writers:Ted Elliot, Terry Rossio, Randall Jahnson, John Eskow
Director of Photography:Phil Meheux
Editor:Thom Noble
Music:James Horner
Production Designer:Cecilia Montiel
Producer:Doug Claybourne and David Foster
TriStar Pictures; PG-13; 136 minutes
Cast:Antonio Banderas, Anthony Hopkins, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Stuart Wilson, Matthew Letscher, Maury Chaykin, Tony Amendola, Pedro Armendáriz Jr., L.Q. Jones, José Pérez II, William Marquez, Victor Rivers and Julieta Rosen

In need of a successor to take down the evil Montero (Wilson), the swashbuckling hero Zorro (Hopkins) selects Alejandro Murrieta (Banderas) as his protege, turning him into an ace swordfighter – and a stylish dresser to boot. Lively and witty, with excellent swordplay, Campbell's (Goldeneye) adventurous and nostalgic romp is a welcome respite from the summer's gloom and doom millennial action flicks.

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