Margaret's Museum

Director: Mort Ransen
Writers: Gerald Wexler and Mort Ransen
Director of Photography: Vic Sarin
Editor: Rita Roy
Production Designers: William Flemming and David McHenry
Producers: Mort Ransen, Christopher Zimmer, Claudio Luca and Steve Clark-Hall
Cabin Fever Entertainment and CFP Distribution; R; 118 minutes
Release: 2/97
Cast: Helena Bonham Carter, Kate Nelligan, Clive Russell, Kenneth Welsh and Craig Olejnik
Based on “The Glace Bay Miner's Museum” and other stories by Sheldon Currie

In a dramatic departure from her typically corseted and powdered roles, Carter portrays Margaret, a rebellious, unkempt young woman living in a remote Nova Scotia mining community. The beautiful seaside scenery makes a sharp contrast to the dark dangers of “the pit” (the mines), which has already claimed the lives of her father and brother and ushered her grandfather into the deadly grip of black lung disease. Bitter and resentful of the hold the pit has on the company town, Margaret is determined to break free. She marries Neil Currie (Russell), a tall, gentle, bagpipe player, and the couple move as far out of town as possible into a ramshackle house atop a cliff. Unable to make ends meet, Neil has to go to work in the mines to supplement Margaret's salary as a hospital scrubwoman. When tragedy strikes, Margaret suffers a mental breakdown, but in protest of the atrocious mining conditions, she creates a macabre museum dedicated to the suffering of the miners and their families.