The Man Who Knew Too Little

Director: Jon Amiel
Writers: Robert Farrar and Howard Franklin
Director of Photography:Robert Stevens
Editor:Pamela Power
Music:Chris Young
Production Designer:Jim Clay
Producers:Arnon Milchan, Michael Nathanson and Mark Tarlov
Regency Enterprises and Warner Bros.; PG; 92 minutes
Cast:Bill Murray, Peter Gallagher, Joanne Whalley, Alfred Molina and Geraldine James
Based on the novel Watch That Man by Robert Farrar

Another one-joke film that wastes the antic talents of Murray. After a series of duds, it looks as if he may be well past his prime. Iowan video-store clerk Wallace Ritchie (Murray) travels to London to visit his bigwig bank executive brother, James (Gallagher), only to be sent out for a night of participatory theater so James can entertain important clients. Wallace haplessly stumbles upon a bombing plot that he thinks is all part of the play. But it's the real thing, and Wallace participates in high-stakes car chases, shootouts and a Russian folk dance. Will Gallagher ever stop playing uptight yuppies?