Love! Valour! Compassion!

Director:Joe Mantello
Writer: Terrence McNally
Director of Photography:Alik Sakharov
Editor:Colleen Sharp
Music:Harold Wheeler
Production Designer:François Sequin
Producers:Doug Chapin and Barry Krost
Fine Line; R; 115 minutes
Cast:Jason Alexander, Randy Becker, Stephen Bogardus, John Glover, John Benjamin Hickey, Justin Kirk and Stephen Spinella
Based on the play by Terrence McNally

Stellar, heartfelt performances compensate for a mawkish script that doesn't play that well on the big screen. Eight well-heeled gay men gather for three summer weekends at a lakeside New York farmhouse to relax, reflect and plan for survival in an era plagued by AIDS. Alexander tones down the HIV-positive, musical-theater queen Buzz, who was played flamboyantly by Nathan Lane in the stage production.