In Love and War

Director: Richard Attenborough
Writers:Allan Scott, Clancy Sigal and Anna Hamilton Phelan
Director of Photography:Roger Pratt
Editor:Lesley Walker
Music:George Fenton
Production Designer:Stuart Craig
Producers:Dimitri Villard and Richard Attenborough
New Line; PG-13; 115 minutes
Cast:Chris O'Donnell and Sandra Bullock

With their all-American, athletic attractiveness, Bullock and O'Donnell are not well suited to period pieces. It's difficult to say exactly what makes this film so flat and unbelievable, but casting is a good place to start. When one thinks of Hemingway, an image of a hard-drinking, man of the earth comes to mind, not Robin, the boy wonder. As a young, aspiring writer, Hemingway (O'Donnell) joins a Red Cross volunteer corps that transports injured Italian soldiers during World War I. Bored with his duties, he starts bringing goodies to the troops on the front lines and is injured. While convalescing, he falls in love with his nurse, older woman Agnes von Kurowsky (Bullock). He proposes to her and she breaks his heart. Papa would have told the story better.

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