Love Always

Director: Jude Pauline Eberhard
Writers: Jude Pauline Eberhard and Sharlene Baker
Director of Photography:Xavier Perez Grobet
Editor:Joel Goodman
Music:Jaime Valle and Anton Sanko
Production Designer:Mauricio de Aguinaco
Producer:Isaac Artenstein
Legacy Films; R; 93 minutes
Cast:Marisa Ryan, Moon Zappa, Beverly D'Angelo and Michael Reilly Burke
Based on Sharlene Baker's novel Finding Signs

Though her journey from San Diego to Spokane takes her as out of the way as Boston, Julia's (Ryan) cross-country trek seems to go nowhere. When her lawyer-boyfriend (Burke) enthusiastically proposes marriage in a postcard, Julia sets out to answer him in person. Her hitchhiking trip acquaints her with a colorful cast of characters, including an AWOL Marine, a grrrl band called the Virgin Sluts and a photographer. This road trip offers few surprises.