Love Is All There Is

Directors/Writers:Renée Taylor and Joseph Bologna
Director of Photography:Alan Jones
Editors:Nicholas Eliopoulos and Dennis M. O'Connor
Music:Jeff Beal
Production Designer:Ron Norsworthy
Producer:Elliott Kastner
Samuel Goldwyn; R; 98 minutes
Cast:Lainie Kazan, Joseph Bologna, Barbara Carrera, Paul Sorvino, Renée Taylor, Nathaniel Marston and Angelina Jolie

A hilarious updating of Romeo and Juliet. The Sicilian Cappamezzas (Bologna and Kazan) panic when the Florentine Malacicis (Sorvino and Carrera) move into their Bronx neighborhood and open a catering business that will compete with their own, struggling outfit. While the Cappamezzas serve heavy dishes swimming in red sauces, the Malacicis offer up elegant cuisine. Things spin out of control when Rosario Cappamezza (Marston) and Gina Malacici (Jolie) fall in love.