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Updated February 11, 2017 | Infoplease Staff

Significant Other

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Slamming hard and cutting deep, raging noisemakers Limp Bizkit are making the summer of '99 something to shout about.

The follow-up to the million-selling 1997 album, Three Dollar Bill, Y'All, finds singer Fred Durst and his metal/hip-hop bandmates taking the top off tracks like the explosive lead single “Nookie, Don't Go Off Wandering” and the throb metal crush of “ I'm Broke.”

Sometimes all the non-stop rage seems almost comical, as during the profanity-laced tirade “Break Stuff,” the kind of cut that might be funny if there weren't fans out there actually believing in every fist-shaking word.

Bizkit's better when they're breaking out of character, not only during eerie moments such as “Nobody Like You,” but also when they make the most of the rap/metal connection by teaming with the Wu-Tang Clan's Method Man in the flat-out nasty “N2gether.”

Indeed, the album's best cut is the totally unexpected “No Sex,” which features Durst swearing off meaningless sex amid a thundering chorus of “Shoulda left my pants on this time/But you let me dive right in.” Now who would have expected such family values out of these guys?

Kevin O'Hare

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