Director: Lynne Stopkewich
Writers: Angus Fraser and Lynne Stopkewich
Director of Photography:Gregory Middleton
Editors:John Pozer, Peter Roeck and Lynne Stopkewich
Music:Don MacDonald
Production Designer:Eric McNab
Producers:Dean English and Lynne Stopkewich
Goldwyn Entertainment Company; NR; 78 minutes
Cast:Molly Parker and Peter Outerbridge
Based on the book We So Seldom Look on Love by Barbara Gowdy

Believe it or not, Sandra's (Parker) propensity to sleep with the dead (just as rigor mortis sets in) is treated almost matter of factly here. Her fascination with the dead and afterlife dates back to her childhood when she would bury small animals with grand ceremony. “It's all about crossing over,” she says. She believes that when she has sex with cadavers, she is helping them cross over to the great beyond. Her boyfriend (Outerbridge) is initially accepting of Sandra's odd habits but turns obsessively jealous of her trysts.

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