Kiss or Kill

Director/Writer: Bill Bennett
Director of Photography:Malcolm McCulloch
Editor:Henry Dangar
Production Designer:Andrew Plumer
Producers:Bill Bennett and Jennifer Bennett
October Films; NR; 95 minutes
Cast:Frances O'Connor, Matt Day, Chris Haywood, Barry Otto, Andrew S. Gilbert, Barry Langrishe and Max Cullen

Exceptional performances from each character, main as well as minor, help Kiss or Kill, an Australian film noir, stand out in a genre overwhelmed by wannabes and disappointments. Nikki (O'Connor) lures men to hotel rooms, drugs them and then robs them with her boyfriend, Al (Day). Trouble begins when one of the victims dies and they find a videotape in his briefcase of a football star, Zipper Doyle (Langrishe), having sex with a young boy. Nikki and Al figure this is their big score, but when their attempt to blackmail Zipper goes wrong, they begin a cross-country trip that leaves a trail of dead bodies.

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