Kicked in the Head

Director: Matthew Harrison
Writers: Kevin Corrigan and Matthew Harrison
Directors of Photography:John Thomas and Howard Krupa
Editor:Michael Berenbaum
Music:Stephen Endelman
Production Designer:Kevin Thompson
Producer:Barbara De Fina
October; R; 97 minutes
Cast:Kevin Corrigan, Linda Fiorentino, Michael Rapaport, James Woods and Lili Taylor

A second-rate film with some first-rate talent (Martin Scorsese inexplicably executive produced). Aimless loser Redmond (Corrigan) searches for the meaning of life (and ponders the finer points of the Planet of the Apes movies), evades a former girlfriend (Taylor), botches a drug delivery for his loud-mouthed uncle (Woods) and then must outrun the mob. He also has a one-night stand with an angry flight attendant (Fiorentino). You'll feel kicked in the head after enduring this mess.

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