The Keeper

Director/Writer: Joe Brewster
Director of Photography:Igor Sunara
Editor:Tom McArdle
Music:John Petersen
Production Designer:Flavia Galuppo
Producers:Joe Brewster and Jordi Torrent
Kino International; NR; 90 minutes
Cast:Giancarlo Esposito, Regina Taylor and Isaach de Bankolé

A small, thoughtful indie film that forces its hero to reflect on his heritage and how it has defined him as a man. Prison guard by day, law student at night, Paul Lamont (Esposito) comes to the aid of Jean Baptiste (de Bankolé), who Paul believes has been wrongly accused of rape. Not only does he post bail for Jean, but Paul also brings the man home to the chagrin of his wife, Angela (Taylor). Angela soon warms to Jean and his Haitian background, causing Paul, who is also Haitian but has rejected his roots, to spin into a jealous rage.