Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love

Director:Mira Nair
Writers: Helena Kriel and Mira Nair
Director of Photography:Declan Quinn
Editor:Kristina Boden
Music:Mychael Danna
Production Designer:Mark Friedberg
Producers:Mira Nair and Lydia Dean Pilcher
Trimark Pictures; NR; 100 minutes
Cast:Indira Varma, Sarita Choudhury, Ramon Tikaram and Naveen Andrews

While crafting a seductive, erotic tale, Nair constructs a commentary on the role of women in 16th-century India. The lifelong rivalry between princess Tara (Choudhury) and servant Maya (Varma) intensifies when Maya, constantly reminded of her lowly lot, seeks revenge on Tara. Using the skills she learned from the Kama Sutra, the Indian book of love, Maya seduces Tara's betrothed (Andrews) on the eve of the wedding. He becomes obsessed with Maya, leaving Tara, who never learned the Kama Sutra's lessons of love, with little more than a title. Resplendent visuals and costumes don't make up for the lack of passion in a movie about sex.