Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Director:John Davis
Writers:John Davis, David Weiss, David Stem, Steve Oedekerk
Paramount Pictures; G; 83 minutes
Voices of:Debi Derryberry, Patrick Stewart, Martin Short

Nickelodeon cartoon Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius scampers about on a sugar-rush. Jimmy is brilliant. Not only did he invent his dog Goddard, but he also he communicates with an advanced civilization and has fashioned soda pop that enables you to burp for hours. Alas, Jimmy's not terribly popular at school. The smart girl looks past him at the popular guy, and bus-ride taunting is common. One day Jimmy's aliens abduct all the parents in Retro Ville. After an adult-free candy-and-caffeine celebration leaves the kids sick, Jimmy leads an expedition to outer space to rescue the 'rents.

A kinetic, nearly crowded visual narrative speeds the story along. Some jokes that only adults will catch pepper the script, but Jimmy Neutron is unabashedly aimed at the younger set. This frees the animators to concentrate their creative energies on the visuals, and a series of highly imaginative scenarios follow. Hyperactive fun for the grade-school set.