Jackie Chan's First Strike

Director:Stanley Tong
Writers:Stanley Tong, Nick Tramontane, Greg Mellott and Elliot Tong
Director of Photography:Jingle Ma
Editors:Peter Cheung and Chi Wai Yau
Music:J. Peter Robinson
Production Designer:Oliver Wong
Producer:Barbie Tung
New Line; PG-13; 110 minutes
Cast:Jackie Chan, Chen Chun Wu and Jackson Lou

Jackie Chan's First Strike
New Line

First Strike, the fourth installment in Chan's Police Story series, may be thin in plot (nothing new), but it globetrots at a dizzying pace with good, clean daredevilry at every turn. Hong Kong cop Jackie (Chan) works with the CIA and a Russian intelligence organization to retrieve a stolen nuclear warhead and quickly sniffs out a rogue CIA agent. Jackie chases the bad guys from the Ukraine to Australia, innovatively using chairs, tables and sharks as weapons. As everyone should know by now, Chan performs all of the stunts himself.

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