Inventing the Abbotts

Director: Pat O'Connor
Writer:Ken Hixon
Director of Photography:Kenneth MacMillan
Editor:Ray Lovejoy
Music:Michael Kamen
Production Designer:Gary Frutkoff
Producers:Ron Howard, Brian Grazer and Janet Myers
Twentieth Century Fox; R; 100 minutes
Cast:Joaquin Phoenix, Liv Tyler, Billy Crudup, Will Patton, Kathy Baker, Jennifer Connelly and Joanna Going
Based on the story by Sue Miller

An age-old story, but Inventing the Abbotts revolves around emotional truth and period detail, making it a rich examination of class and relationships. The Abbotts live on the right side of the tracks in their 1957 Chicago suburb. The Holt boys, Doug (Phoenix) and Jacey (Crudup), live on the other side and bitterly resent Mr. Abbott, who they believe is responsible for their plight. They pursue the three beautiful Abbott daughters, Eleanor (Connelly), Pam (Tyler) and Joanna (Going). Doug truly has feelings for Pam and wants to make something of his life, while Pam is eager to break free of her stifling family. Outstanding performances from all, especially Baker as the plaintive widow and mother, Helen Holt.

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