Intimate Relations

Director/Writer: Philip Goodhew
Director of Photography:Andres Garreton
Editor:Pia Di Ciaula
Music:Lawrence Shragge
Production Designer:Caroline Greville-Morris
Producers:Angela Hart, Lisa Hope and Jon Slan
Fox Searchlight; R; 102 minutes
Cast:Julie Walters, Rupert Graves, Matthew Walker and Laura Sadler

Darkly and wryly comic, Intimate Relations stylishly tells a story, “inspired by true events,” of sex, blackmail and murder in the most unexpected of places. Harold (Graves) emerges from a series of mental hospitals in need of a place to stay. Shunned by his brother and sister-in-law, he takes up residence in the home of priggish Marjorie (Walters) and her crippled husband, Stanley (Walker). The model of 1950s domesticity on the surface, Marjorie has needs her husband can't satisfy. After essentially begging for sex, Marjorie has her way with Harold. The writing's on the wall when Marjorie's 14-year-old daughter, Joyce (Sadler), walks in on the tryst.

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