I Love You, I Love You Not

Director: Billy Hopkins
Writer: Wendy Kesselman
Director of Photography:Maryse Alberti
Editors:Paul Karasick and Jim Clark
Music:Mark Berger
Production Designers:Bill Barclay and Gudrun Roscher
Producers:Joe Caracciolo, Jr., John Fiedler and Mark Tarlov
Avalanche Releasing; NR; 89 minutes
Cast:Claire Danes, Jeanne Moreau and Jude Law

Daisy (Danes) has a rough time at her snobby Manhattan private school, where anti-Semitism runs wild and her WASPy classmates think she's a weirdo because she likes to read. She falls for the class jock, Ethan (Law), who becomes intrigued by her when she reads aloud in class a poem she wrote for him. As they develop a relationship, Daisy tells Ethan that she's Jewish and that her Nana (Moreau) was an inmate at a concentration camp. Ethan soon begins to back off, and Daisy bitterly renounces her heritage. Daisy's love woes shamefully overshadow Nana's tragic story.

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