Hugo Pool

Director: Robert Downey
Writers: Robert Downey and Laura Downey
Director of Photography:Joseph Montgomery
Editor:Joe D'Augustine
Music:Danilo Perez
Production Designer:Lauren Gabor
Producer:Barbara Ligeti
BMG Independents; R; 93 minutes
Cast:Patrick Dempsey, Robert Downey, Jr., Richard Lewis, Malcolm McDowell, Alyssa Milano, Cathy Moriarty and Sean Penn

Downey's hippie, trippy filmmaking (Greaser's Palace, Putney Swope) earned him a small cult following in the 1970s. But his Hugo Pool has none of the offbeat charm of his more successful outings and too much of the wackiness that has consumed his son's personal life. ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) victim Floyd Gaylen (Dempsey) joins LA pool cleaner Hugo Pool (Milano) on her rounds as she caters to the rich and irritable during a drought. Hugo tries hard to maintain a normal life, while dealing with her compulsive gambler of a mother (Moriarty), a junkie father (McDowell) and her oddball clientele. Downey, Jr., McDowell and Lewis seem to be competing for the shrill performance of the year. It's a three-way tie.