Hotel de Love

Director/Writer: Craig Rosenberg
Director of Photography:Stephen Windon
Editor:Bill Murphy
Music:Brett Rosenberg
Production Designer:Simon Dobbin
Producers:Michael Lake and David Parker
Live Entertainment; R; 95 minutes
Cast:Aden Young, Saffron Burrows, Simon Bossell, Alan Hopgood, Peter O'Brien, Pippa Grandison, Ray Barrett and Julia Blake

Hotel de Love
Live Entertainment
A light-hearted romp that revels in its high camp factor. When they were in high school, Australian twins Stephen (Bossell) and Rick (Young) fell for the same girl, Melissa (Burrows). Just when Stephen musters the courage to approach her, Rick, the more gregarious of the two, makes his move. The romance is short-lived, as Melissa has to return to her native England. Ten years later, the three run into each other at Rick's Hotel de Love, a tacky honeymoon hotel that boasts a Garden of Eden room and a Jungle of Passion suite. The competition begins anew, though Melissa checked in with her nerdy financé hoping to inject some umph into their relationship. The twins' bickering parents are also guests, planning to renew their wedding vows. A fun, frolicking farce.