Grizzly Mountain

Director: Jeremy Haft
Writers: Jeremy Haft and Peter White
Director of Photography:Andy Parke
Editors:Richard Westover and Anthony Dalesandro
Music:Jon McCallum
Producers:Anthony Dalesandro and Peter White
Legacy Films; G; 96 minutes
Cast:Dan Haggerty, Dylan Haggerty, Nicole Lund, Bill Marks and Karen Marks
Based on the story by Eric Parkinson

For anyone brought up on Little House on the Prairie and the The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams, Michael Landon and Dan Haggerty were heroes, guys who would make the perfect dad. Landon will be remembered as such, but unfortunately, Haggerty will go down in history for lighting his face on fire in an odd incident involving whiskey and a flame. His Grizzly Mountain will do little to change that image. This squeaky clean time-travel film about environmentalism will not offend anyone, nor will it entertain even the biggest conservationist. While on a working camping trip with their parents (dad is surveying a mountain to determine if it's fit for development), Dylan (Dylan Haggerty) and Nicole (Lund) stumble upon a cave that transports them 125 years back in time, where they meet Jeremiah (Dan Haggerty) and his Indian and animal friends. Dylan and Nicole use a few 20th-century tricks to help Jeremiah battle a group of villains who want to relocate the Indians and turn Grizzly Mountain into a gold-mining mecca.

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