The Grass Harp

Director:Charles Matthau
Writers:Stirling Silliphant and Kirk Ellis
Director of Photography:John A. Alonzo
Editors:Sidney Levin and Tim O'Meara
Music:Patrick Williams
Production Designer:Paul Sylbert
Producers:Charles Matthau, Jerry Tokofsky and John Davis
Fine Line; PG; 107 minutes
Cast:Piper Laurie, Walter Matthau, Sissy Spacek, Jack Lemmon, Mary Steenburgen, Edward Furlong, Grayson Fricke, Roddy McDowall, Nell Carter, Charles Durning and Joe Don Baker
Based on the novel by Truman Capote

A rich, sweet, funny tale that works surprisingly well as adapted for the big screen. Capote himself had no luck turning his 1951 novel into a Broadway play. Sent to live with his spinster aunts, Dolly and Verena (Laurie and Spacek), after the death of his parents, Collin Fenwick (Furlong) finds life fairly tranquil in the quiet Southern town. But when his aunt Dolly decides to rebel against the tyrannical Verena, who sees financial opportunity in Dolly's herb elixir, he joins Dolly's rebellion and runs away with her and the family servant, Catherine (Carter). They hide out in a treehouse, where they are joined by Judge Charlie Cool (Walter Matthau), who sympathizes and falls in love with Dolly. The title refers to a grassy field that Dolly believes contains the souls of her ancestors, who whisper their life stories to her. In a poignant moment, Dolly and Judge Cool realize that they too will soon be telling their own stories from the field.

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