God Said “Ha!”

Updated February 11, 2017 | Infoplease Staff
Director/Writer: Julia Sweeney
Miramax; PG-13; 87 minutes
Cast: Julia Sweeney

“Courageous” is a word on the endangered species list, a term that has suffered much misuse and even more overlook. Yet is describes former Saturday Night Live comedienne Julia Sweeney's latest movie quite succinctly. Adapted from her one-woman Broadway show, God Said "Ha!" deals with a true-life set of experiences: after Sweeney's divorce her brother was diagnosed with fatal lymph cancer and moved in with her. Sweeney's parents decided to join their kids and help out, and Sweeney herself received a diagnosis of cervical cancer, which left her alive but infertile. Sweeney's narrates her difficult season with a humor, sensitivity and emotional sincerity that is rare in Hollywood.