Director: Doug Liman
Writer: John August
Columbia; R; 100 minutes
Cast: Sarah Polley, Desmond Askew, Taye Diggs, William Fichtner, J.E. Freeman, Katie Holmes, Scott Wolf, Jay Mohr

Swingers director Doug Liman has taken several cues from Pulp Fiction in the formation of this spirited but soulless comedy. Three interconnected plots tangle together disaffected grocery clerks, drug dealers, and TV cops into fast-paced, pop-culture confusion. Key scenes occur at a supermarket and a rave. Tired cashiers (Sarah Polley and Katie Holmes) are trying to sell off imitation ecstasy while their coworker (Desmond Askew) is getting singed by his own hedonism in Las Vegas. Yes, there's a bit about those cops too, and well. . . plot isn't foregrounded here, but Liman's directorial savvy combined with some decent cinematography (emulating altered states) makes Go a stylistic success. It's a movie about motion, kids, and fast living, but if you stop for a moment, you may realize that Go doesn't.