Glory Daze

Director/Writer:Rich Wilkes
Director of Photography:Christopher Taylor
Editor:Richard Candib
Music:Lia Vollack
Production Designer:Alfred Sole
Producers:Aaron M. Weinberg, William R. Woodward and Chris Moore
Seventh Art Releasing; NR; 104 minutes
Cast:Ben Affleck, Sam Rockwell, Megan Ward, French Stewart, Vien Hong, Vinne DeRamus and Spalding Gray

About to graduate from the University of California at Santa Cruz with a degree in art, Jack (Affleck) convinces five of his frat brothers to postpone responsibility for a year and continue the drunken lifestyle of a college student. It sounds like tons of fun, but the plan backfires on Jack, and everyone he has screwed turns up to give him his just desserts. Smart dialogue and well-drawn characters keep Glory Daze a notch or two above The Jerky Boys, which Wilkes also scripted.

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