The Glimmer Man

Director:John Gray
Writer:Kevin Brodbin
Director of Photography:Rick Bota
Editor:Donn Cambern
Music:Trevor Rabin
Production Designer:William Sandell
Producers:Steven Seagal and Julius R. Nasso
Warner Bros.; R; 100 minutes
Cast:Steven Seagal, Keenen Ivory Wayans, Bob Gunton, Brian Cox and Michelle Johnson

How many times will Seagal appear in the same film, repackaged with different characters and slight plot variations? The Glimmer Man sticks close to the formula used in Above the Law, Out for Justice and the two Under Siege films. Jack Cole (Seagal), borrowed from the NYPD, helps LA cop Jim Campbell (Wayans) track down a serial killer who crucifies his victims after shooting them. Cole, a little more with-it than classic-movie fan Campbell, figures out that though there is a serial killer on the loose, copycat murderers are also at work. Cole's fluency in Russian and Chinese comes in handy when dealing with plot twists that involve the Russian mob.