Version 2.0

  • Almo Sounds

Vampy Shirley Manson & Co. return with a sophomore effort that growls and snarls and purrs just as hard as the first. No sensitive, Lilith-Fair-esque stylings here. Manson oozes brash sexuality in such techno-laced songs as “Push It” (with the Beach Boys' “Don't Worry Baby ”cleverly threaded) and the audacious “I Think I'm Paranoid.” Thanks to the production wizardry and thundering guitar of alterna-mainstay Butch Vig, Garbage artfully intersects electronica and grunge, even throwing in a touch of theremin to the onslaught of come-hither lyrics. Brazen, saucy and smart, Version 2.0 actually delivers on its tongue-in-cheek title — this follow-up is indeed an upgrade on the original.

Alicia Potter

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