Galaxy Quest

Director:Dean Parisot
Writers:David Howard and Robert Gordon
DreamWorks; PG; 102 minutes
Cast:Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman

The grumbling cast of a defunct sci-fi TV series arrives at a convention where, as usual, they're accosted by weirdo fans. With a character wedged winningly between Buzz Lightyear and Captain Kirk, star Jason Nesmith (Tim Allen) realizes that what he assumed was another elaborate fan skit was reality. Gullible extraterrestrials watched the show as historical fact, and have now enlisted the Galaxy Quest team to save the galaxy.

As spoofs go, this one gets the tone right: Trekkies will laugh at the in-jokes, ordinary viewers will get the gags and goofy twists on sci-fi convention. The cast includes a blonde and buxom Sigourney Weaver, outfitted with bleach and silicon and upset by her condescending role. Tony Shalhoub is the science officer mystified by everything he had to say. These and a host of other silly yet thoughtful characters romp through Galaxy Quest.

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