Frogs for Snakes

Director/Writer:Amos Poe
The Shooting Gallery; R; 92 minutes
Cast:Barbara Hershey, Robbie Coltrane, Harry Hamlin, John Leguizamo, Lisa Marie

Good actors playing bad actors requires really good actors, and-lucky for writer/director Amos Poe-he's got those. Barbara Hershey, John Leguizamo, Robbie Coltrane, Ron Perlman, Harry Hamlin, and Lisa Marie are all here, playing various Manhattan lowlifes with aspirations to the stage and silver screen. Thugs and waitstaff by day, bloodthirsty thespians by night, these are people who would (and do) kill for a part.

Even though Frogs for Snakes has talent going for it, a messy script and buckets of blood borrowed from Quentin Tarantino overpower any initial promise. The film degenerates into confusion and jokes about maiming, shot-gunned bodies and bad monologues about oral sex.