Director:Bill Paxton
Writer:Brent Hanley
Lions Gate Films; R; 100 minutes
Cast:Bill Paxton, Matthew McConaughey, Matt O'Leary

Bill Paxton's heavyweight directorial debut, Frailty, proves that the actor has had a lot on his mind. The horror-tinged, plot-twist thriller makes no compromises: it follows a good 'ole Texan Dad (Bill Paxton) raising two sons on his own. One day he receives a vision. An angel instructs Dad to destroy demons who have taken on human form. He uses an axe to do this. To top it off, Dad enlists his sons to assist the divine duty.

It ain't for the squeamish. Literal violence, however, isn't depicted. Frailty dwells more on the psychology of this warped family and the unsolved murders they've perpetuated over the years. Despite it's weight, Frailty twists and turns at a bold clip.