Fools Rush In

Director: Andy Tennant
Writer: Katherine Reback
Director of Photography:Robbie Greenberg
Editor:Roger Bondelli
Music:Alan Silvestri
Production Designer:Edward Pisoni
Producer:Doug Draizin
Columbia; PG-13; 105 minutes
Cast:Matthew Perry, Salma Hayek, Jon Tenney, Carlos Gomez, Tomas Milian, Jill Clayburgh and Siobhan Fallon

This does it; all the Friends have made their big-screen debuts. Hopefully, they've gotten it out of their systems. Fools Rush In is billed as a romantic comedy, but the dry, Chandler-esque one-liners are nowhere to be found. In Vegas on business, uptight real-estate developer Alex Whitman (Perry) meets feisty Isabel Fuentes (Hayek) in a Mexican restaurant. Their one-night stand produces a long-term problem when Isabel shows up on Alex's doorstep three months later to tell him she's pregnant. A good WASP, Alex marries Isabel in a typical Vegas quickie, with Elvis as the best man. Isabel's disapproving family torments the gringo, while Alex neglects to tell his parents about the nuptials. More than just culture clashes when Alex wants to move back to New York and Isabel prefers to stay in Vegas.