Female Perversions

Director: Susan Streitfeld
Writers: Susan Streitfeld and Julie Hebert
Director of Photography:Teresa Medina
Editors:Curtiss Clayton and Leo Trombetta
Music:Debbie Wiseman
Production Designer:Missy Stewart
Producer:Mindy Affrime
October Films; R; 119 minutes
Cast:Tilda Swinton, Amy Madigan, Marra Racz, Dale Shuger, Karen Sillas, Laila Robins, Frances Fisher and Clancy Brown

A feature film tailor-made for women's studies or feminist literature students, but a bit too didactic for wide audiences. Female Perversions charts the meltdown of conflicted, high-powered attorney Eve Stephens (Swinton) as she grapples with sexuality and a nomination for a judgeship. She desperately wants to succeed in a man's world and retain some femininity. Her psychological tumult is symbolized sexually, and her biggest fears play out in surreal dream sequences. It's not too hard to figure out the message here, with aphorisms conspicuously scrawled on bus stops, walls and telephone booths.