Fast, Cheap and Out of Control

Director:Errol Morris
Director of Photography:Robert Richardson
Editors:Shondra Merrill and Karen Schmeer
Music:Caleb Simpson
Production Designer:Ted Bafaloukos
Producers:Errol Morris, Julia Sheehan, Mark Lipson and Kathy Trustman
Sony Pictures Classics; NR; 82 minutes
Cast:Dave Hoover, George Mendonca, Ray Mendez and Rodney Brooks

Visionary documentary filmmaker Morris offers up a wonderfully indescribable new film about four men with wildly different obsessions: a topiary gardener who presides over an animal kingdom he has created out of plant life, a lion tamer, a robot scientist whose creations are inspired by organic life and (perhaps strangest of all) a mole rat photographer. The common thread that weaves their stories together is a preoccupation with the ways human beings seek to carve some sort of meaning (and life) out of the worlds we construct for ourselves. Unlike many other documentaries, which tend to stray into the overtly didactic, Fast, Cheap and Out of Control uses poetic and humorous shots (Morris makes great use of cheesy vintage sci-fi footage) that give the film a truly human feel.