Everyone Says I Love You

Director/Writer Woody Allen
Director of Photography:Carlo DiPalma
Editor:Susan E. Morse
Music:Dick Hyman
Choreographer:Graciela Daniele
Production Designer:Santo Loquasto
Producer:Robert Greenhut
Miramax; R; 97 minutes
Cast:Edward Norton, Goldie Hawn, Woody Allen, Alan Alda, Gaby Hoffmann, Natalie Portman, Drew Barrymore, Natasha Lyonne, Lukas Haas, Julia Roberts and Tim Roth

You'll have to sit on your hands so you don't applaud each chestnut, sung by the actors themselves (except for Barrymore; she didn't think she had the voice. She couldn't have been any worse than Roberts). It's no wonder these characters break out into song and dance: They're loaded, living in luxury on Manhattan's Upper East Side, summering in the Hamptons and spending Christmas in Paris. Everyone Says I Love You is not Allen's trademark cerebral comedy; it's sweet, romantic fluff — pure pleas-
ure. The story centers around the blended family headed by limousine liberal Steffi (Hawn) and her attorney husband (Alda). They live with their brood of precocious children and remain in close contact with Steffi's forlorn ex-husband, Joe Berlin (Allen). Steffi and Joe's daughter, DJ (Lyonne), narrates the story that loosely revolves around sibling Skylar's (Barrymore) pending nuptials to dorky Holden (Norton). A lavish delight.

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