The Evening Star

Director/Writer: Robert Harling
Director of Photography: Don Burgess
Editors: Priscilla Nedd-Friendly and David Moritz
Music: William Ross
Production Designer: Bruno Rubeo
Producers: David Kirkpatrick, Polly Platt and Keith Samples
Paramount and Rysher Entertainment; PG-13; 120 minutes
Release: 12/96
Cast: Shirley MacLaine, Juliette Lewis, Bill Paxton, Miranda Richardson, Ben Johnson, Scott Wolf, George Newbern, Marion Ross, Mackenzie Astin and Jack Nicholson
Based on Larry McMurty's novel

Playing to our memories of the beloved Terms of Endearment, The Evening Star slogs along, with a death inserted when things get too dull. The film could have used more casualties. Aurora Greenway (MacLaine) is just as bitchy as ever, and her three grown grandchildren (Astin, Newbern and Lewis) give her plenty to bitch about. None of them have lived up to her expectations, and they continue to struggle to free themselves of Aurora's aura. Richardson as Patsy Carpenter is the one high point of the film, competing with Aurora for the affection of both the kids and Aurora's therapist (Paxton).

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