Elmo in Grouchland

Director:Gary Halvorson
Writers:Joseph Mazzarino and Mitchell Kriegman
Columbia Pictures; 90 minutes; G
Cast:Vanessa Williams, Mandy Patinkin
Voices of:
Kevin Clash, Carroll Spinney

Elmo's been a kiddie cult hero for years, so it's a wonder it took him this long to make the leap to the big screen. Elmo in Grouchland features the cute red monster in search of his beloved blue blanket. When a careening Rollerblader accidentally makes off with it (Elmo was en route to the cleaners), a quest begins that lands Elmo in grungey Grouchland. Big meanie Huxley (Patinkin) has acquired the blanket, and so it's up to Elmo to get to his castle and teach the overgrown kid how to share.

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