Ed's Next Move

Director/Writer:John Walsh
Director of Photography:Peter Nelson
Editor:Pamela Martin
Music:Benny Golson
Production Designer:Kristin Vallow
Producer:Sally Roy
Orion Classics; R; 88 minutes
Cast:Matt Ross, Callie Thorne and Kevin Carroll

In his feature-film debut, Walsh has borrowed heavily from Woody Allen, apparent with his anxious tone and the Annie Hall-like device of having a third person interpret the real meaning behind a couple's discussions. Ed (Ross) has a hard time adjusting to big-city life when he moves to New York from Wisconsin. He's especially inept when it comes to women, but finds hope when he meets singer Lee (Thorne), whose band specializes in depressing folk songs. Ed disgusts his Lothario roommate (Carroll) with his naïve romantic techniques.