The Disappearance of García Lorca

Director:Marcos Zurinaga
Writers:Marcos Zurinaga, Juan Antonio Ramos and Neil Cohen
Director of Photography:Juan Ruiz Anchia
Editor:Carole Kravetz
Production Designer:Gil Parondo
Producer:Marcos Zurinaga and Enrique Cerezo
Triumph Releasing; R; 114 minutes
Cast:Esai Morales, Edward James Olmos, Andy Garcia, Gonzalo Penche, Marcela Walerstein and Jeroen Krabbe
Based on the books The Assassination of Federico García Lorca and Federico García Lorca: A Life by Ian Gibson

In 1936, during the Spanish civil war, the poet García Lorca (Andy Garcia) was killed by fascists. Twenty years later, Ricardo (Esai Morales), a young Spanish journalist, returns to his hometown of Granada to find out who killed his childhood idol, in memory of his dead childhood friend, Jorge (Gonzalo Penche), who was also killed during the war. Along the way, his efforts are thwarted, but he does find love with Jorge's sister, Mara Eugenia (Marcela Walerstein). The poet's spirit is lost amid the convoluted plot.