The Best Man

Director/Writer:Malcolm D. Lee
Universal Pictures; R; 118
Cast:Taye Diggs, Nia Long, Morris Chestnut

The latest Taye Diggs movie takes off from where The Wood left him, moving up a notch in slickness as well as character development.

The Best Man has Diggs eyeing marriage again, but this time it isn't necessarily his own. He plays Harper, a successful Chicago novelist whose work just got nominated for Oprah's Book Club. At a friend's wedding in New York, he meets up with Jordan (Nia Long), “the best girlfriend he never had,” according to a friend. Malcolm Lee draws solid performances out of his cast. The lead couple relates well, Morris Chestnut brings amiable depth to the football jock trying to settle down and tie the knot with his devoted girlfriend, and supporting characters are far from bloodless.

The Best Man proceeds smoothly, proving that romantic and funny relationship drama can succeed, even with a shiny, well-applied layer of polish.

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