The Associate

Director:Donald Petrie
Writer:Nick Thiel
Director of Photography:Alex Nepomniaschy
Editor:Bonnie Koehler
Music:Christopher Tyng
Production Designer:Andrew Jackness
Producers: Frederic Golchan, Patrick Markey and Adam Leipzig
Hollywood Pictures; PG-13; 114 minutes
Cast:Whoopi Goldberg, Dianne Wiest, Tim Daly, Bebe Neuwirth, Eli Wallach and Lainie Kazan

Another star goes the cross-dressing route and fails to win audiences as Robin Williams did in Mrs. Doubtfire. Fed up with Wall Street's old boy network, Laurel Ayres (Goldberg) quits her job as a financial analyst when an incompetent male colleague gets the promotion she deserves. When she starts her own business but fails to attract clients, Ayres creates a partner, an investment genius with an unparalleled track record and calls him Robert S. Cutty. Business booms and Cutty becomes a legend in financial circles. But Ayres soon runs out of excuses about Cutty's absence from meetings and has no other choice than to don a wig and a latex white face. In what should be the film's funniest moments, Goldberg as a man falls flat, offering nothing more than a few sight gags. Wiest, of course, shines as Ayres's assistant.

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