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  • This week's theme: Women's HER-story
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    1. * HERstory's Number One Woman
    4. * Foe of Feminism
    9. Conference, for short
    13. * American zoologist who won international acclaim for her study of mountain gorillas (Last Name)
    15. * For short, it was devised to combat #4A
    16. Singer Smith
    17. Word with Rummage
    18. It'll turn "ual" into a custom
    19. It'll make "tional" unreasonable
    20. Type of Tree
    21. * This novelist works didn't receive much attention during her lifetime, but today are regarded as masterpieces which feature vivid characterizations (Last Name)
    23. He does commentary on "60 Minutes" (Initials)
    25. Course Circuit
    27. Danish physicist
    29. Particular Pronoun
    30. * Mariah Carey is on the top three list (along with The Beatles and Elvis) for artists who have had the most Number One singles on the Billboard charts. Question: Mariah is with Columbia Records which has an association with which company?
    32. * This actress once portrayed #8D (First Name)
    34. Bottle tops
    36. Classify
    38. * In 1919, Mary Pickford co-founded this gr. in order to increase her share in the profits from her movies
    39. Faith, for short
    41. * One of the most famous women in HERstory
    46. Singer Shannon
    47. Jazz composer: Sun ___ (b.1914 - d.1993)
    48. Golden: French
    49. Japanese beverage
    52. Actress Ekland
    55. Heap of combustibles
    57. He co-starred in "The Odd Couple" (Initials)
    58. Breakfast Cereal Brand
    59. Health resort
    61. * Gloria Steinem was the founding editor of this magazine in 1972
    62. * Madonna is one of the most famous women in music HERstory, and this is a song from her critically acclaimed "Ray of Light" album of 1998: "___/Ashtangi"
    64. Business name abbr.
    66. Nighttime talk show name
    67. For short, it's measured at the Prime Meridian
    70. Koran chapter
    72. Picnic invaders
    73. The Common People: ___ Polloi
    74. * Queen Hippolyta, for one
    76. Labyrinth
    77. * Child star who grew up to be a United States ambassador (Last Name)
    78. Sea eagle (var. sp.)


    1. Small lizard
    2. Whiskey bottle acronym
    3. "Fin" Finisher
    4. Actress Blair
    5. Peeper
    6. "Funn" Finale
    7. Word with Lanka
    8. * She was executed by the French in 1917 for spying for Germany during Word War I
    9. Sliders on the Slopes
    10. * International star and multi-talented performer who once portrayed Helen of Troy (First Name)
    11. * Academy Award winning actress who participated in the 1994 "A Century of Women" television project (Last Name)
    12. Connery or Penn
    14. * In 1983, she became the first American woman to travel into outer space
    22. City of ancient Sumer
    23. Shakespeare's "___ You Like It"
    24. * She is an American civil rights leader who inspired the civil rights movement across the nation (First Name)
    26. Movie rating
    27. * Queen of The Netherlands who ascended to the throne (in 1980) after her mother Juliana abdicated in her favor
    28. Long hockey game acronym
    31. And not
    33. * Hillary Rodham Clinton has made HERstory by becoming the first First Lady to ___ for Senate
    34. * One of the most famous women in HERstory
    35. * Female pronoun
    37. Golfer's prop
    40. Film Finale
    41. * Female form of address
    42. * In 1997, she became America's first female Secretary of State (Last Name)
    43. Cereal grain
    44. Attempt
    45. Condition
    50. * The Parthenon was dedicated to this Greek Goddess
    51. * World-renowned top-selling modern female novelist (Last Name)
    53. It's one of the original Thirteen Colonies, briefly
    54. Mr. Eliot
    56. Atomic #99
    58. * She is one of the women pioneers of popular music and remains one of the World's top performers today (Initials)
    60. * Early female novelists often chose to use a male nom-de-___ in order to have their books published, such as England's Brontë sisters whose first published work (of 1846) was called "Poems by Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell"
    62. Flap down
    63. Olfactory Organ
    65. Stupor
    68. The Three Stooges member
    69. Comedian Conway
    70. Mr. Mineo
    71. * World famous advice columnist (First Name)
    75. Alternative indicator


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