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  • This week's theme: Weather
    Read more about weather and climate


    1. Word on Weather! Sicily's lava blower
    5. Airline letters
    8. Bound
    12. Hammer, for one
    13. Thwart
    14. Word on Weather! Major disturbance
    16. Word on Weather! Mount Vesuvius occurrence
    18. Chinese dynasty
    19. It'll turn "hu" into a Hawaiian island
    20. It'll turn "Bo" into a German city
    21. Atomic number 18
    22. Word on Weather! Heavy precipitation
    25. Word on Weather! El Niño's alter ego: ___ Niña
    26. Writer of "The Fall of the House of Usher" (1839): Edgar Allan ___ (b.1809 - d.1849)
    27. Pet plant
    28. It's nestled in a nest
    29. Billy ___ of "White Wedding"
    31. "Be quiet!"
    33. Radio dial choices: As opposed to AMs
    35. Not she
    36. Caesar's cloak
    37. It'll turn "Han" into the capital of Vietnam
    38. Dye with a color
    40. And so on
    42. "Unpretty" pop group
    44. Word on Weather! Roman Sun God
    45. Senses
    47. Atomic number 3
    48. City associated with David Koresh
    51. Famous rapper: ___ Cool J
    52. Pose for a Portrait
    53. The Beatles adj.
    55. Looked at
    56. Atom
    58. Word with Lisa
    60. Fella
    62. Pseudonym of Charles Édouard Jeanneret (b.1887 - d.1965): ___ Corbusier
    63. Word on Weather! Type of ash
    65. It's used before a vowel sound
    66. Popular magazine
    67. Type of card, for short
    68. Had a hamburger
    69. Word on Weather! With #26D: They're studied by seismologists
    73. Word on Weather! Type of fog
    75. Word on Weather! Permeate by Precipitation
    76. Macho-Man
    77. Bucks' Babes
    78. Legendary Bruin
    79. "Bonanza" (TV) character


    1. Word on Weather! Sizzling Season in Strasbourg
    2. Word on Weather! Funnel of Fury
    3. Subject in a Sentence
    4. High mountain
    5. Overly
    6. Word on Weather! Frigid Forecast Fret
    7. Tipper's spouse
    8. Word on Weather! Underwater earthquake results
    9. Restaurant Rumination: "How much should ___ the waiter?"
    10. "Cene" prefix
    11. Word on Weather! Prolonged Parched Period
    13. Word on Weather! Lightning strike outcomes, sometimes
    15. Character in "The Talented Mr. Ripley" (1999)
    17. Chinese truth
    18. Word on Weather ...'n' Stuff! Type of current
    23. Expression of surprise
    24. Writer Kenzaburo
    25. Illuminated
    26. Word on Weather! See #69A
    30. Certain arch
    32. Word on Weather! Type of Temperature
    34. Word on Weather! What it did during the Winter
    39. Word on Weather ...'n' Stuff! Substance that's bad for plant growth in Summer
    41. Word on Weather! Environmental conditions
    43. Spy org.
    45. Word on Weather! What the rivers did in Spring
    46. Word on Weather ...'n' Stuff! Mineral Matter
    49. Word on Weather! Meteorologist's scale
    50. Keats' forte
    51. Furious
    54. Word on Weather ...'n' Stuff! Slippery Street Stuff: ___ Ice
    57. Baseball acronym
    59. Atomic number 28
    61. Picnic invader
    64. Pillow slip
    66. "Do ___ others..."
    70. Hearing organ
    71. Clothing line for kids: ___ Kosh B'Gosh
    72. Music store items, for short
    74. Word with Way
    75. Thusly


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