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  • This week's theme: Transportation
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    1. * Treat your Tired Tootsies with These after They have Transported you around Town: Sort of Soothing Salts (bkwds.)
    6. * Voyage (Something for which various modes of transport would be used in order to get to the far off destinations)
    10. Hit on the Head
    14. Glorify
    15. Depend upon
    16. Roughly, minus the "t"
    17. * They traversed the wild west
    20. Certain mineral
    21. Feel For a scrambled up way?
    22. * ".noitingi eht ___ eht tuP" :revirD wen a ot nevig noitcurtsnI
    23. Short-Lived, without the "emeral"
    25. * ".pots txen eht ta elpoep fo tol a ___ revird ehT" :suB a no diaS
    28. * Sort of waterway sailed on by a sailor
    30. * Heard by a Barn: "This donkey is here to ___ supplies in our cart so that we don't have to transport them ourselves."
    33. Roman statesman and orator, minus the "ero"
    34. Mr. Mailer
    36. Ms. Gilbert (bkwds.)
    37. Get used to
    39. KGB opposite (bkwds.)
    40. * Moves along very quickly
    41. "?noisivelet no wohs lacidem etirovaf ruoy si taht '__' __ 'sburcS' ti sI" :VT eht yb deksA
    42. Give in
    44. Head of a Corporation, for short
    45. * Section of a car
    47. * Something a Passenger might say to a Cab Driver upon arrival at the desired destination
    49. An angry cat
    51. * Maritimer's distress signal
    53. Hair net
    56. * Show that starred Danny DeVito
    58. * Something on a #5D, without the "l"
    60. * Bikers favorites
    64. Small land mass on water
    65. First-Rate
    66. Oversite ...but it's backwards?
    67. Something Sudsy ...but it's backwards?
    68. * Foot part
    69. Creedence Clearwater Revival song: "___-Q"


    1. * Cyclist's Comment: "My father showed ___ to ride a bike."
    2. * Q. "Is it the ___ the donkey that is good for transporting things around on a farm?" A. "Hmmm... I believe that both these types of animals are good for that."
    3. * Modes of transport for city commuters
    4. Absorb (bkwds.)
    5. * In some parts of the world, this large animal is used as a working animal, as well as a mode of transport
    6. * Choo-Choos run on them
    7. Right-hand page
    8. Variety
    9. Royal tombs of ancient Egypt, without the "amids"
    10. * Snazzy automobile
    11. Follow orders
    12. Boo-Boo
    13. * Said near the North Pole: "We need ___ they can run with our sleds."
    18. Via
    19. Unqualified, without the "igible"
    24. Atomic #59
    26. * It might be available to all Earthlings some day
    27. Brewer's vat
    28. Some songs on a record are located on it
    29. Satellite of Jupiter
    31. * Highway service stations
    32. Hell
    33. * Something traversing the ocean
    35. Midwestern State, minus the "higan"
    38. * Drivers complain about these things in roads
    40. * Sailboats sail by them
    42. Reply, without the "wer"
    43. Mr. Lawrence
    46. Military Assistant: ___-de-camp
    48. Nyet!
    50. Maternal (bkwds.)
    52. * Bus riders stand in the ___ when no empty seats are left
    54. * Letters on a rocket
    55. Fillet
    57. V + VI = ?
    59. Heard in Zoology Class: "I bet you all didn't know that a three-toed sloth is known as __ __!"
    61. Stuff in a barn ...but it's backwards?
    62. Buck's Babe
    63. * esirpretnE ___ ehT :ti ni dnuora tog kriK niatpaC


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