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  • This week's theme: Tolkien
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    1. * "One Ring to rule ___ all, One Ring to find ___, One Ring to bring ___ all and in the darkness bind ___."
    5. Medieval tale (var. sp. & bkwds.)
    9. Ms. Rand, and others
    13. Norway's capital
    14. * msahC kcalB ehT
    16. * Telperion = The Silver ___
    17. * Something in The Shire
    19. Pivoted device
    20. Go downhill
    21. Where a train stops (abbr.)
    22. Metric unit of volume (abbr.)
    24. Anger (bkwds.)
    25. And then
    27. Suffix that means "like"
    29. * "thginK neerG eht dna ___ riS" :skrow s'neikloT fo rehtonA
    31. * The rightful ___ the kingdom of Gondor is #30D
    34. pu gnirB
    36. * The Firstborn of Ilúvatar (bkwds.)
    37. * The fortress of Saruman
    40. The Beatles covered this song
    41. Said in the Store: "I think I'll ___ the new merchandise with our sale prices."
    42. Those who share the name of the model Angelina Jolie portrayed in a biographical film
    44. * Tolkien language
    46. * For Example: "The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring" (2001)
    47. Question for the Real Estate Agent: "Is the ___ open-concept design?"
    48. * It flowed through the northerly parts of Mirkwood, with River
    49. * The Council of ___ (It decided the fate of the One Ring)
    52. Frosty ...flipped around?
    54. Initials of the star of "The Deep" (1977)
    55. * What a Tolkien character engaged in a sword fight might do
    56. Cheery (bkwds.)
    58. * Avoider of the sunlight
    60. Apply lightly
    63. Said of the Wagon stuck-in-the-mud: "If ___ on the rope, maybe it'll budge."
    65. * The one that Sauron has is yellow
    68. * Parent's delight: "I brought the kids to the theater to see director Peter Jackson's first part of the Tolkien trilogy, and ___ loved it as much as I did!"
    69. * The Ringbearer
    70. Arm bone
    71. * Bilbo Baggins (Character played by Ian ___ in The Fellowship of the Ring)
    72. * Tolkien wrote it: "Tree and ___"
    73. Variety of Valley


    1. * dnalsI htuoS s'dnalaeZ weN fo ytuaeb citoxe eht ni ___ saw ygolirt neikloT ehT
    2. hsoG'B ___hsO :sdiK rof reihtolC
    3. * What #69A becomes when he wears the One Ring ...but backwards?
    4. Pack of People
    5. * Most of the actors who played the parts of the members of the Fellowship in the first Lord of the Rings installment each got the exact ___ that reads "nine" in the symbols of one of Tolkien's invented languages (Nine is the number of members in the Fellowship)
    6. * stnerap sih htiw acirfA htuoS ni devil neikloT ,doohdlihc ylrae yrev ___
    7. Metallic Mineral ...but it's backwards?
    8. * The One Ring is made of it
    9. .gro loohcS
    10. deriT
    11. * Character (bkwds.) portrayed by Liv Tyler in The Fellowship of the Ring
    12. * "maH fo ___ remraF" :neikloT yb yrotS trohS
    15. * J.R.R. Tolkien's view on his epic The Lord of the Rings trilogy was that there was no hidden what behind it?
    18. * Said at a screening of The Fellowship of the Ring: "This __ such a great adaptation of the first part in Tolkien's trilogy."
    23. sreveD .sM
    26. * Mr. Bloom (Portrayer of Legolas in The Fellowship of the Ring)
    28. * The ___ of #30D (a.k.a. Strider) is to be King
    30. * Member of the Fellowship
    31. * sniatnuoM ___: rodroM fo redrob nrehtron eht fo egnaR
    32. Scottish knife (bkwds.)
    33. New Zealand opera singer: Kiri ___ Kanawa
    35. * He plays the part of Boromir in The Fellowship of the Ring (With #62D)
    37. * Asked at School: "Do you think either _ __ _ member of the English Department would be able to lecture on the subject of Tolkien this semester?"
    38. * Hidden refuge in the Misty Mountains
    39. Soapbox
    41. * He's a powerful wizard
    43. * The Lord of the Rings is ___ in the fantasy landscape of Middle-earth
    45. Refuse to grant
    46. Calendar part, for short
    48. * The One Ring must be destroyed in it: The ___ Mount Doom
    49. * Miss Bratt (Childhood sweetheart-turned-wife of J.R.R. Tolkien)
    50. Prefix that means "Stone"
    51. * John Ronald ___ Tolkien (Born on January 3rd, 1892. Died on September 2nd, 1973)
    53. Complaint in the Restaurant: "My soup's ___ bit."
    57. Song on the album "Rubber Soul" (1965)
    59. * Mr. Lewis the Writer (Friend of Tolkien's when he was a professor at Oxford University in England)
    61. * Her song "May it Be" is on the soundtrack to The Lord of the Rings (bkwds.)
    62. * See #35D
    64. Place to work out, commonly
    66. Buck's honey
    67. Sweet Stuff, without the "ar"


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