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  • This week's theme: The Super Bowl

    1. * Pre-Game feature of the Super Bowl, with "National"
    7. Presidential nickname
    10. Style of music
    13. Large desert
    14. * They cannot stand in the Super Bowl because one of the Teams must Win
    15. Pop gr.
    16. Thrust
    17. Unit of volume equal to one cubic meter (pl.)
    19. Fee-Fi-Fo-what?
    20. Preposition
    21. Mr. Ripken Jr.
    22. Celine Dion's beloved hubby
    24. Small Salamander
    26. Last letter of the Greek alphabet
    28. Detached
    31. * In Football, a Lineman will ___ the Quarterback by blocking Players on the opposing Team
    33. It'll turn "ka" into an Alcoholic Beverage
    34. So-So grades
    35. Initials of The King
    36. Partners for Pas
    37. Ms. Farrow's namesakes, minus the "M"
    38. Ancient person of Europe
    39. Big Cheese of a Company, for short
    40. Mass of land on water (abbr.)
    41. They go with Ohs
    42. Dove sounds
    44. Unitary
    45. ___-La-La
    46. "Howdy!"
    48. Toy Dog, with "Tzu"
    49. Famous flower co.
    50. Roll-On is applied to the what area?
    52. Wrong doing
    53. Type of Acid
    55. * Protection worn by Football Players (pl.)
    56. Dainty
    58. Vex
    59. Occurs
    60. * Like an Athlete in the Super Bowl, for short
    62. Whine
    64. Capital of Norway
    67. * JANUARY 28TH, 2001: Host Network of Super Bowl XXXV
    68. "Eureka!"
    69. Mr. Hemingway
    71. Certain family member, briefly
    72. Monetary unit of Japan
    73. Gives lip to


    1. Fire residue
    2. Badly Behaved, minus the "ghty"
    3. * What a Quarterback does with a Football at the Super Bowl, with "It"
    4. * Extravaganza at the Super Bowl
    5. Clooney's former gig
    6. * Funny Football Friends
    7. Vent
    8. * They're often shown during the Super Bowl telecast, commonly
    9. Being
    10. * They officiate Super Bowl games
    11. House Siding, without the "minum"
    12. * When doubled, it becomes a Prop for a Cheerleader at the Super Bowl
    14. * Like the Super Bowl
    18. Scottish hat
    23. * They are one of the two Teams that must play in the Super Bowl, commonly
    24. "No" to a Scot
    25. Second Sight, smallily
    27. * Something seen on a Football Field, with "Post"
    29. Moray
    30. Founded, for short
    32. City of South America, with "Paulo"
    39. * It takes place at the start of the Super Bowl
    40. Keen on
    41. Abbr. seen on a Flight Schedule
    42. Sixties gr. joined by Neil Young
    43. Interjection used to express mock surprise
    44. * Some Football Players are on the what?
    45. * They're made by Linebackers at the Super Bowl
    46. Kept shrouded
    47. Birth Day exclamation: "___ a Girl!"
    51. * Receivers catch them at the Super Bowl
    54. Choler
    57. Dissertation, minus the "Th"
    60. Competitors of Macs
    61. Baseball stat.
    63. "Dog" in French, minus the "Ch"
    65. Additional, without the "E"
    66. Small Slits, minus the "Sl"
    70. God of the Sun of Egypt


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