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  • This week's theme: 60s Music

    1. * This part of a Liverpool band's name was dropped before hitting the big time
    7. * He had a Sixties smash with "Twisting the Night Away"
    10. Fortify
    13. * She co-wrote The Shirelles smash "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow"
    14. * Beatles-Breaker-Upper, some say
    15. * Burt Bacharach and Hal David wrote this Sixties song: "I ___ Little Prayer"
    17. * Verses from "Shut Down" by The Beach Boys: "My Stingray is light the slicks are startin' to spin (Oooo movin' out now) / But the Four-Thirteen's really diggin' ___ (Oooo movin' out now)..."
    18. * "Walk-Don't Run" was this group's big hit in the Sixties: The ___
    21. Initials of the investigative journalist who has an evening talk show on CNBC
    22. * Music impresario who signed acts in the Sixties such as Santana and Big Brother & The Holding Company
    24. * Sixties singer who married Phil "The Wall of Sound" Spector
    26. * Sixties Smash: "___ Mr. Postman"
    28. Gain Ground
    29. Food scrap
    30. Ms. Derek
    31. Record store events
    34. It'll turn "oun" into the last name of a movie western star
    35. * Mr. McKenzie of "San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair)"
    39. City in New Mexico: Santa ___
    40. Interjection of Pleasure
    42. * Some Sixties Songs
    48. * The Rolling Stones album: "___ It Bleed"
    49. * Verses from "It's A Man's, Man's, Man's World" by James Brown: "This is a man's world, this is a man's world / But ___ would be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl"
    50. * Part of a hit song title for Roy Orbison
    52. Mount near Olympus
    55. Bandages on Broken Bones
    58. * Verses from "Purple Haze" by Jimi Hendrix: "Purple Haze all in my brain / Lately things don't seem the same / Actin' funny but I don't know why / 'Scuse ___ while I kiss the sky"
    59. Tony Blair and Jean Chrétien, for short
    60. Interjection of Surprise (pl.)
    61. * Sixties Song: "___ Said Than Done"
    65. * Word that is part of a Bobby Vinton song title from the Sixties
    67. * R.B. Greaves Sixties hit: "Take A Letter ___"
    68. Star of "CHiPS" (TV): Er___ Estrada
    69. * He pioneered the Sixties Surfer Sound
    72. Chicago loop train
    74. * Ode to Peace by The Beatles: "All You ___ Is Love"
    76. Metal-bearing mineral
    77. * Verse from "Last Kiss" sung by J. Frank Wilson and The Cavaliers: "Then in the road, straight ahead / The car was stalled, the ___ was dead..."
    80. Assembly vote
    81. Lummox
    82. * Surname associated with The Kinks


    1. Literary genre: ___-Fi
    2. * Sylvia's folk singing partner in the Sixties
    3. * She (Initials) sang "Different Drum" with The Stone Poneys (TRIVIA TIDBIT! The song was written by Mike Nesmith of The Monkees)
    4. Acronym seen on a bottle of Whiskey or Brandy
    5. * He made his comeback in 1968 on a television special
    6. * Lead singer of The Vandellas who sang the hit "Heat Wave": Martha ___
    7. Blockhead
    8. Babylonian Sky God
    9. * Jim or Van
    10. Formal organization, for short
    11. Egyptian deity, (var. sp.)
    12. * Chart topper for The Temptations
    16. * She sang "Chain of Fools"
    19. I know not what: Je ___ sais quoi
    20. Long time
    22. Atomic #58
    23. Scale Syllable
    25. It'll turn "Qui" into a tall crop plant
    26. TV network
    27. * Brill Building dance song sung by Little Eva: "___-Motion"
    28. * Part of a song title by The Beatles
    32. Astern
    33. * Name associated with "This Diamond Ring"
    34. * Name that was part of a Sixties duo
    36. * Song by The Hollies: "___ A Carousel"
    37. Woven Web
    38. * Word With Who
    41. Peculiar
    43. * Part of a psychedelic smash song title by The Small Faces
    44. Baseball legend: Mel ___
    45. Word seen on a Memo
    46. * The Four Tops hit: "It's the ___ Old Song"
    47. * She sang "Try"
    51. "Sea" in Strasbourg
    53. * Bob referred to him as the greatest living American poet
    54. Acronym seen on a job application
    56. * Marianne Faithfull had a hit with this song, in 1964: "___ Tears Go By"
    57. * Hit for Hyland: "___ With a Kiss"
    60. Mr. Baba
    62. Stadium
    63. Affirmative reply in Spain
    64. U.S. state
    66. Collection of Norse poems
    67. Mother, commonly
    70. Isthmus of ___: Strip of land that links the Malay Peninsula to the mainland of Asia
    71. Word meaning, for short
    72. Compass point
    73. Victor Hugo novel: "___ Misérables" (1862)
    75. Mr. Cummings
    78. American heiress who grew up to be a fashion designer (Initials)
    79. V - III = ___


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